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stef eisen & billi best nudes in hitler's harlot

young women are raped by nazis

hitler's harlot - nancy martin & april grant & billi best & stef eisen  


young women are raped by nazis

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hitler's harlot is a movie from year 1973 where you can see actresses stef eisen & billi best & april grant & nancy martin in naked, nude or sexy scene.
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Informations on the hitler's harlot movie

Hitler’s Harlot is a 1973 adult crime film directed by Hy Del and starring Nancy Martin, Larry Barnhouse, Billi Best, April Grant, Gordon Freed and Stef Eisen. The film is part of the Nazi exploitation genre, which features sadomasochistic scenes of sexual violence and torture in Nazi Germany. The plot of the film is simple: a blonde Gestapo dominatrix (Martin) and her male assistant (Barnhouse) interrogate four prisoners (Best, Grant, Freed and Eisen) who are suspected of being part of the resistance. They use various methods of abuse and humiliation to make them talk, such as whipping, electrocution, waterboarding and rape. The film does not have a clear resolution, as the prisoners either die or remain silent. The film is low-budget and poorly made, with amateurish acting, editing and cinematography. The film also contains historical inaccuracies and anachronisms, such as the use of modern weapons and clothing. The film has no artistic or educational value, and is only meant to appeal to viewers who enjoy extreme exploitation cinema. The film has been criticized for its gratuitous and offensive depiction of Nazi atrocities, as well as its misogyny and racism. The film has also been banned or censored in some countries for its graphic content. The film has a rating of 2.3 out of 10 on IMDb, based on 35 user reviews. Parental guide: The film is not suitable for anyone under 18 years old, or anyone who is sensitive to sexual violence, torture or gore. The film contains explicit scenes of nudity, sex, rape, mutilation, blood and death. The film also contains strong language, hate speech and Nazi symbolism. The film has no redeeming qualities or positive messages.

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in this 1973 film you can watch Stef Eisen & Billi Best & April Grant & Nancy Martin in her hottest first scandal naughty videos in hot clips.

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