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livia russo nude in i mavri emmanouella

young blonde teen is raped by guy on the beach

i mavri emmanouella / secrets érotiques d'emmanuelle / emmanuelle, queen of sados | upscaled 4k uhd+ exclusive - livia russo  


young blonde teen is raped by guy on the beach

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i mavri emmanouella ( aka "secrets érotiques d'emmanuelle" aka "emmanuelle, queen of sados" ) is a movie from year 1980 where you can see actress livia russo in naked, nude or sexy scenes.
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i mavri emmanouella ( aka "secrets érotiques d'emmanuelle" aka "emmanuelle, queen of sados" ) movie contains blonde, petite, rape, full nudity, school, cute, virgin, schoolgirl, vintage, classic, brutal, retro, flat, tiny, teen, pretty girl, small tits, young, rough.
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Informations on the i mavri emmanouella ( aka "secrets érotiques d'emmanuelle" aka "emmanuelle, queen of sados" ) movie

The movie “I mavri Emmanouella” was released in 1980 and directed by Ilias Mylonakos. It has a running time of 91 minutes and was a co-production between Greece and Cyprus by Andromeda International Films and Othellos Films. The film stars Laura Gemser, Gabriele Tinti, and Livia Russo, with music by Giovanni Ullu and cinematography by Vassilis Christomoglou. The movie is part of the Emanuelle movie group and falls under the genres of drama, erotic, and crime1. Plot: The movie follows the story of Emmanouella, a woman who has suffered years of abuse at the hands of her husband. She reaches her breaking point and hires a hitman to kill her husband. However, just when she thinks her troubles are over, the assassin begins to blackmail her. As her husband’s business partner tries to prove her guilt and the hitman continues to threaten her newfound security, Emmanouella struggles to keep her name clear and protect her naive stepdaughter from becoming entangled in the situation2. Reception: The movie received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. On Letterboxd, it has an average rating of 2.5 stars out of 5 based on user ratings2. Some reviewers praised Laura Gemser’s performance as a less-likable version of her usual character, while others criticized the film for its seedy nature. History: “I mavri Emmanouella” is one of several films in the Emanuelle series starring Laura Gemser as the titular character. The series is known for its erotic content and exotic locations. In this particular film, Gemser and her real-life husband Gabriele Tinti were able to enjoy a paid vacation to Greece while filming. Conclusion: Overall, “I mavri Emmanouella” is an interesting entry in the Emanuelle series that offers a different take on the character. While not universally acclaimed, it is worth watching for fans of the series or those interested in erotic cinema from the 1980s.

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in this 1980 film you can watch Livia Russo in her hot butt naughty videos in softcore movie.

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